From My Stoop

One afternoon, I came home from work feeling beat.  I was on my feet all day and I just wanted to sit and enjoy the beautiful day.  So, I did.  I sat on my porch, in my little red adirondack chair that I painted myself, and I drank a beer because I could.  I soaked up the afternoon sun.  I made some guacamole and ate it with chips.  I listened to music.  I snapped some photos.  I read.  I drew.  

I sat and enjoyed my stoop until the sun went down.  It was wonderful.



Two months ago I bought a plane ticket to San Diego without telling my sister.  Two weeks ago I got on that plane to San Diego without telling my sister.  A couple hours after landing in San Diego I showed up in my sister's kitchen without telling her I would be joining her for dinner (and the weekend to come)...

The excitement of checking bags, watching planes come and go, and being in the air has not yet worn off.  Guess I need to keep traveling.

Night one in SD.  My sister made a big salad for her roommates and a few friends and had "shop class" in her garage.  They tore apart, stained and reassembled pallets for a bookshelf.  There was good vibes, good tunes, good brews and so much excitement to be with my sister.

It was good to wake up with my sister.  Her house is wonderful in so many ways.  I love the morning light.  

She had work Friday, so I got to check out her neighborhood a bit.  It was rainy and gloomy, but I didn't mind.  Gloomy is my favorite-it's like San Diego knew I was coming.

I got to join my sister Friday afternoon to see her new office and experience a 4 o'clock Friday (work gets out early and everyone eats pizza, plays games and socializes).  Later that evening we strolled to a neighborhood bar for a couple games of pool.

Saturday morning I woke up to a little visitor.  The girls were quite excited to meet their boss's new addition.

Later we went to the Little Italy Farmer's market-always a favorite.

The sister made us some super delicious gourmet sandwiches for lunch.  YUM.  We sat on the back patio and lounged in the sun as we enjoyed our lunch.

After a little downtime we ventured out on a "mini-food tour".  First was coffee and cupcakes at Baby Cakes.

Next was quinoa sliders, sides (mashed potatoes with goat cheese, macaroni & cheese, garlic fries) and the best ginger ale EVER at a neighborhood eatery called Soda and Swine.  I'm in love.  And I still think about the ginger ale/food more than I should.  Later that evening I tagged along with the sister to a friend's place for strawberry shortcake and socializing.  I was pretty stuffed from our food tour, so I only had a bite.  BUT, the setting was on the roof of an apartment complex which overlooked San Diego.  It was quite pleasant.

We arrived home later that night to camping in the living room.  My sister's roommate had set it up while we were out.  Here's the scene:  two tents set up in front of a burning fire place, an ice chest with beer, s'mores supplies, and digital stars projected onto the ceiling.  A boyfriend of one of the girls brought his guitar and played a bit.  Then one of the roommates played.  I absolutely adore her voice and recorded a snippet.  I hope she doesn't mind me sharing.

(Sorry the video is sideways!)

On Sunday morning my sister and her roommates prepared the most wonderful breakfast.  We dined on the back patio.  It was perfect.

Later we headed to Julian...

We ate boysenberry-apple pie and cinnamon ice cream.  No plates needed-we dug right in.  So, so, so good!

On the way back we stopped at an awesome lookout from which all of San Diego could be seen.  Beautiful.

We made it back to her place in time for me to catch an awesome sunset photo from the back patio.  Take me back.

Our last night together was spent doing face masks and watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower from a projector.  My heart had already begun to ache.  What a good ending to a perfect weekend.

My flight back was EARLY Monday morning.  It was hard to go.  Taking off was tough.

 A few hours later my Grandpa picked me up at the airport and took me to breakfast.  It was nice to see someone I love.  That made me feel a bit better.  By the time I was on my way back to Chico, though I was still disappointed to be so far from my sister, it was such a beautiful day that I rode a wave of inspiration and stopped to take some photos.  That made me feel better.

Two weeks later life has somewhat retracted to normal.  That pang of pure sadness which is felt upon departure from such a great trip, from such great people, no longer lingers, though I do miss my sister and San Diego every single day.  I think about how I will get my next adventure fix almost constantly.  Until that time comes, I'm looking for little adventures in every day: visiting a new coffee shop for open-mic night, riding my bike more than driving my car, reading and drawing in the park, finding cool used stuff.